Many people who have had problems with acne find that the battle isn’t over once the pimples go away. Scars usually remain and while they can be very embarrassing they don’t have to be permanent. You can use a few natural substances to help remove acne scars.

There are a few natural ways to help smooth and blend acne scars away. The first way is by rubbing a mixture of lime juice and honey on your face. The honey is a natural moisturizer and the lime juice acts to lighten the coloration of the scar tissue. mix the honey and lime juice together and gently rub it on your face or wherever the scar may be. let this mixture remain on your face for a while before washing it off and be sure to use aloe or some other mild moisturizer afterwards to keep your skin smooth and


The second natural treatment to help remove acne scars is extra virgin coconut oil. Now I know it might seem strange to apply oil to your face to combat acne damage when oil on your face was got you acne in the first place. Hear me out on this. Coconut oil is an amazing substance. It is not a trans-fatty oil and it perfectly safe and beneficial to use on your hair, skin, and even to cook with. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and will work wonders for your skin. I recommend buying a jar of extra virgin coconut oil from a health food store and gently rubbing it in to your skin daily.

If you avoid picking and popping your acne you and just let them heal naturally you greatly reduce the chances of becoming scarred to begin with. Reduce your diet of sugary, processed foods and instead eat vegetables, yogurt, and drink lots of water to avoid outbreaks. Wearing clean shirts and washing your hair daily will help keep your face and neck clean also. It couldn’t hurt to change your pillow case every few days as well.